logo design / animation design
completion: 10/5/18


Barkeep is an app created by Matthew West and Nat Whyman that aims to keep users aware of their cell coverage levels by using notification alerts and real time GPS tracking. Some of the main features of the app include warning notifications when the user is leaving a cell coverage area, a map showing the user where they can find the best coverage, and automated text messages alerting friends when they lose service. I was approached by Matthew West to design a brand identity and animated advertisement promoting the application. My goals included creating a youthful yet trustworthy brand identity that would engage a younger adventure seeking audience.

Design Solution

Barkeep came to me with the goal of creating a brand identity that would attract young adventure seekers and the general public alike. One of the most crucial aspects of any corporate identity is the logo. In order to clearly communicate the companies mission statement “Keeping You Connected” I created a design that incorprated cellular bars surrounding a modern sans-serif typeface. The distinct yellow that flows throughout the Barkeep branding represents the energy and connectivity the app brings the user. To further expand upon Barkeep’s corporate identity, I created various dynamic logos and brought them together in a thirty second advertisement. This short advertisement brings the static brand identity to life, combining it with cutting edge animation and music.