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I am a graphic designer from Northern California now residing in Austin, Texas. I enjoy working on Brand Identities, Collaborating with musicians, Merchandise Design, and Video Editing / Animation.

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UX/UI / Brand Identity

Connecting generations and beating Arthritus with Grip

A team consisting of myself and two other California State University Media Arts majors collaborated to create Grip for the 2018 Stanford Design challenge. Grip is an app that pairs with a bluetooth compatible hand trainer device to give therapy to those who are not able to regularly go to a practitioner. This app serves as a home base for those of any age who are struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis, giving each user a custom experience based on their personal information. App functions include interactive hand strengthening games, forums, cookbooks, as well as communication with therapy professionals. For this project we created an easy to navigate user-interface, friendly and inviting branding, and a device prototype.

Logo Design / Logo Animation


Barkeep is an app created by Matthew West and Nat Whyman that aims to keep users aware of their cell coverage levels by using notification alerts and real time GPS tracking. Some of the main features of the app include warning notifications when the user is leaving a cell coverage area, a map showing the user where they can find the best coverage, and automated text messages alerting friends when they lose service. I was approached by Matthew West to design a brand identity and animated advertisement promoting the application. My goals included creating a youthful yet trustworthy brand identity that would engage a younger adventure seeking audience.

Publication Design

1984 Re-Design

My assignment was to redesign a classic banned book of my choice in my Publication Design class at California State University Chico. After some initial research I decided to redesign George Orwell’s dystopian classic “1984”. I thought this novel would be the perfect book for me to re-conceptualize because I had just read it, and found that many of the tropes throughout the book held true to my reality experienced in 2018. In a time where there is a growing distrust in the government. increasing lack of privacy, and ever expanding population, 2018 is starting to look a lot like 1984.

Branding / Merchandise Design

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark is an electronic music collective based out of Northern California. I have been apart of this collective as both an artist and designer for the past year. During this past year I have created an extensive amount of design work and branding for the label. As the designer / art director for the label, I have attempted to create a cohesive and original take on 90's rave culture. Work done for the label includes, logo and branding, merchandise design, poster design, and album art design.

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